House Rules

These rules apply to PCs, NPCs, and Monsters alike.

Smite <alignment>

  • Smite from a non-mythic source, cannot bypass DR of a mythic creature. Otherwise Smite is unaffected.

Summon Monster

  • Must have stats for the summoned monster pre-printed and with you.
  • No more than 1 currently active summon spell at a time


  • If you gain Evasion from 3 or more sources, you gain Improved Evasion

Critical Hits

  • Natural 20 on initial attack, automatically confirms the critical (if the modified attack roll would normally hit)
  • If you have a large crit range, (ie 18-20) you will need to confirm as normal when rolling within the threat range.

Greater Teleport

  • Casting time changed to Move Action
  • May not cast another non-quickened spell in the same round.


  • Pg. 188 in Ultimate Campaign
  • Retraining a Mythic Path ability is treated as retraining a Class Feature, but requires a limited wish/wish/miracle spell.
  • Retraining a Mythic Feat is treated as retraining a Feat
  • Any retraining which involves a Mythic ability/feat/spell, costs double.

Dimensional Agility

  • Shift (Su) does not qualify as a prerequisite for Dimensional Agility
  • When you would otherwise qualify for DA, the feat will apply to the Shift ability.

Blasphemy/Holy Word/Dictum/Word of Chaos

  • Remove the “Killed” affect from the “Up to caster level -10” entry.

Marid Mastery spell

  • change Target entry to “willing creature touched”

Weapon Enhancement bonus & Damage Resistance

  • pg 562 in the Core Rulebook
  • Only a permanent enhancement bonus on a weapon will qualify for bypassing a creature’s DR.
    • A +3 Longsword will bypass a Werewolf’s DR X/silver, but a +1 bane (shapeshifter) longsword will not.

House Rules

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