Unclaimed Treasure from Session III

Grey Garrison

Second Floor

Upper Landing
  • shortswords (6)
  • light crossbows (6)
  • crossbow bolts (100)
  • studded leather (6)
Conference Chamber

A long table engraved with a relief map of Mendev stands to the
east in this long room. A dozen bodies lie scattered about the
room, each bearing a gaping empty hole in the chest.


Bookshelves line the walls of this small library. Many of the
tomes have been torn to shreds, and smoldering piles of ashes
fill the room with an acrid stench. One small stack of books on a
circular table seem to have escaped destruction.


Several stacked horizontal shelves hold a number of small,
straw-lined bird cages. A stack of parchment, three quills, a pot
of ink, and a pile of tiny cylindrical objects cover a nearby table,
while a small wooden door is in one corner of the room.

War Room

Stacks of scrolls, books, maps, and more sit atop a large
hexagonal table in this room. The walls are painted with detailed
maps of Sarkoris, over which features of the Worldwound have
been painted.

  • scroll of restoration
  • report & papers detailing Mendevian troop movements, tactics, resources, defenses, and war plans.
Scrying Chamber

The southern portion of this room holds a wide alabaster basin
filled with bloody entrails. The outside of the basin is carved
with images of warriors around a raised sun, holding longswords
aloft. A flight of stairs ascends to the west.


Six cots sit in two orderly rows in this room. The bedding has
been tossed on the ground, and an iron lockbox lies on its side,
empty. A lidless box holds scraps of moldering food, while a pair
of large barrels nearby look to be filled with water.

Third Floor

Hall of First Fatalities

At the top of the spiral stairs, a wide hall stretches for thirty feet
before ending in a door. Two alcoves on both sides of the hall
hold torches that burn with white light. Each torch illuminates a
pedestal, on each of which rests a battered and broken steel helm.

Wardstone Chamber

This circular room’s original purpose is unclear, but now it seems
to be a trophy hall of some sort. A low stone pedestal sits on the
floor in the middle of the chamber under a domed ceiling. Atop
the pedestal is an iron, barbed cage-and within the cage sits a
chunk of softly glowing white stone.

  • scroll of dispel magic (3)
  • +1 scythe
  • amulet of natural armor +1
  • cloak of resistance +2
  • 350 gp worth of onyx gems
  • 32 gp
  • Large Greataxe
  • horn of battle clarity
  • collection of six ivory figurines (each depicts a nude humanoid woman with disturbing animalistic features) each worth 45gp.
  • wardstone shards (6)

Unclaimed Treasure from Session III

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