knows the succubus is some sort of Abyssal heretic and
that the marilith wanted her kept prisoner until a special
oubliette in the Rasping Rifts on the Abyss was ready for
her. The fact that the succubus escaped not long after
Aponavicius left Drezen in Staunton’s hands is a major
point of worry for the dwarf. He’s sent several minions
out into the Worldwound to track her, noting that her
loss of certain demonic abilities is the one saving grace
and hoping her inability to teleport or become ethereal
will allow his agents to find her and return her to Drezen
before Aponavicius finds out she’s managed to f lee into
the wilds of the Wounded Lands. The final note in the
diary talks of how he hired an annis hag cultist of Sifkesh
to track her down as well, and that if this final attempt
fails, he intends to seek out Arueshalae himself once “this
matter with the so-called heroes of Kenabres is settled.”



Wrath of the Righteous Aremedis